• Image of Mentoring in the Music industry with Ellie Lawson
  • Image of Mentoring in the Music industry with Ellie Lawson
  • Image of Mentoring in the Music industry with Ellie Lawson

Be mentored by Ellie Lawson on any aspect of the music industry and gain valuable insights, advice, contacts and a plan of action designed specifically for you.

You will be asked to write an email detailing what you would like to be mentored about and can send 3 songs or pieces of music for review. You will also receive a follow up email after the session.

Ellie lawson has had direct experience in the following areas and more.

* Major record deals and Independent record labels
* Publishing deals and ways to make money from songwriting
* Touring and gigs
* Sponsorship
* Online and mainstream Marketing
* Alternative and new media ways to get paid and develop a fanbase
* best ways to build a fanbase
* music production- demos to mastered music
* Networking, contacts and getting opportunities
* making and spending money in the music Industry
* Pro-activity and organisation
* managers and lawyers and the best way they can help
* Online presentation inc photos, videos and interviews
* what to invest in and what not to.
* strategies for surviving psychologically as an artist
* strategies for surviving financially as an artist
* developing skills in key areas

Here are some of the topics you can be mentored on each session or you can ask for a specific area of your choice.

1) Songwriting ideas, topics, ways of writing, styles of songs, how each song can be used.

2) Building a fan base, promotion, publicity

3) Coping with the slow pace of the music industry, the rejection and great strategies for staying positive and open to success.

4) Organisation and how to cover all bases and be proactive.

5) Identity, Your brand and your message.

6) Contacts and ideas for making contacts, networking etc.

7) Live show and making it the best it can be.

8) Singing, recording , home recording ideas.

9) Writing a business Plan

10) Contacting radio 1 and 2. What to write, what to include, plus contacts list.

£30 per hour via skype or phone call. To book pay here by Paypal or Card and then email ellie@ellielawson.com to schedule your session.